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Affiliate marketing India is one of the most sensible and feasible online marketing methods that has actually promoted online marketing and advertising. It is gaining popularity in India. Affiliate marketing happens between two parties: the merchant and the affiliate. And it is beneficial for both the parties. We will tell you how?

The Concept:

In affiliate marketing India, a product owner or the advertiser (merchant) lists his product on an e-commerce web site (affiliate). In this case, the merchant has to pay the affiliate for promoting its product or web site. The affiliate gives the merchant an ID, which is used for tracking his sales. The merchant pays the affiliate when a visitor goes through links located on the affiliates web pages and makes a transaction on the merchant’s web page.


Affiliate marketing India is mutually beneficial for both the parties. The merchant gets a boost in his sales every time a visitor makes any transaction, whereas the affiliate gets his payment when a transaction is made on the merchant’s web site.

The Payment:

The ways of payments can differ in affiliate marketing India. The affiliate generally gets a commission on every transaction or sale that is made on the merchant’s web site. In some cases, the affiliate may also get a fixed monthly amount.


  • Defining a suitable Affiliate Marketing strategy and program
  • Deploying Affiliate marketing solutions and software in case of own network
  • Identifying and Subscribing to potential publisher advertising networks
  • Tracking Performance of Affiliate Network along with weekly reporting
  • Recruitment of new affiliates using personalized emails
  • Affiliate Fraud prevention and monitoring services of Affiliate Networks.


  • Cost per Sale (CPA) - Affiliates get paid (in percentage) when the merchant closes a deal.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL) - Affiliates gets paid per Lead Generation.
  • Cost per Click (CPC) - The advertiser needs to pay the publisher on the per click basis.
  • CPM (Cost per thousand Impressions) - Advertiser pay for every 1000 impression to the publisher and needs to buy a CPM inventory

Understanding the importance of precision affiliate program implementation and management, we have put together a dedicated team of Indian affiliate marketing experts. They are well equipped technologically to ensure that your affiliate program performs exceptionally well on all the important parameters.


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