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Hosted Marketing Pages are the most powerful link-building program we have available! They are optimized pages that contain content relevant to your keywords. These pages are hosted on our inventory partners' sites and then linked to yours.

Please note that we have two versions of our Hosted Marketing Pages: Standard and Premium. Our Premium Hosted Marketing Pages (HMPs) are hosted on higher PageRank sites (PR5 and above) and have between 10 and 10,000 links pointing to them. Our Standard Hosted Marketing Pages are placed on lower PageRank sites (PR3 and 4) and are more affordable.

Hosted Marketing Pages Service Plans

PR 2PR 3PR 4PR 5

How can Hosted Marketing Pages help my site's rankings?

  • Relevant Site, Relevant Page - HMPs are all about relevancy. You get an entire page relevant to your keywords, hosted on a relevant site. Having links on a relevant page hosted on a relevant site is extremely effective for increasing your rankings.
  • Optimized Content - Because we optimize the entire page around your keywords, the search engines will see that page as relevant to your site. Getting links from "perfectly" relevant pages is very powerful for increasing your rankings.
  • Embedded Links - We embed links to your site within the content of each HMP. Embedded links are very natural looking and are much more powerful then links located on the side or bottom of a page.
  • They Rank Themselves - HMPs also have the added benefit of ranking well themselves. Because they are optimized and have links pointing to them, they will show up directly in the search engines and send pre-sold traffic directly to your site. Many companies love to use them for long tail keywords and reputation management. Imagine being able to have multiple listings for the same keywords!

Role of Hosted Marketing Pages in Search Engine Rankings

Off-page optimization plays a very important role when it comes to search engine ranking, when it comes to talk about off-page optimization the algorithms of search engines are getting stringent by the day in identifying good votes; thats exactly where HMP's takes the cake. Here is what you get:

  • Hosted on relevant websites - Your Page hosted on a website that supports your theme.
  • Optimized Content - The copywriting of the pages is in tune with the theme and keywords of your website.
  • In-text / embedded links - You get links from these pages that point to your website with your keyowrd anchor text; building link popularity of your website.


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